North American and European Indices

US 30 successfully retest support at its 200-day MA near 17,570 and has rallied back up above 17,700 with support moving up toward the 17,670-17.680 area. Next resistance at the recent high near 17,850 then the 18,000 round number. RSI suggests more digesting may still be needed.

US NDAQ 100 continues to struggle with resistance in the 4,686 to 4,700 zone with RSI overbought but it also continues to attract strong underlying support in the 4,640 to 4,660 area.

US SPX 500 is taking another run at 2,100 resistance having successfully seen support move up toward 2,070 from 2,060 a Fibonacci level. RSI overbought suggests potential overhang in the 2,100 to 2,135 area in the near term.

Germany 30 is breaking out today, blasting through a Fibonacci cluster near 10,855 that had posed some resistance and driving on toward 10,940 with potential 11,000 round number resistance looming ahead followed by the 200-day average near 11,050.

UK 100 has stabilized in the 3,320 to 3,360 range in the lower half of a 6,300 to 6,500 trading channel. RSI testing 50 which could confirm the current uptrend or signal a downturn.

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